Check out our ff7 mods!


A fully voice acted experience!

We gathered actors from all over the world to voice act the entirety of this game. Every main, minor, NPC, you name it, it’s voiced. Even the tutorials!

All the NPC’s are played by our community giving us a great range of accents and voices to make the game feel real.

The Mains/Minor cast are all very well trained actors with fantastic quality!

The text boxes are automatic to help the scenes feel like you’re watching a movie! No more mashing confirm.

Naming has been disabled for obvious reasons surrounding the voice acting.

Echo-S also contains the upscaled Cosmo Memory FMV’s in 5 different styles to match the Day/Night system we merged in from the TIme Keeper mod too! Including the random weather.

EchoeS Of The

A new soundtrack designed specifically for Echo-S’ voice acting.

Being as we can tell exactly how far through a scene you are with the automatic text boxes we can plan the music around it.

Being sure to make the music drop during a certain line or animation to really intensify the feel of the scene.

Cosmo Memory

Replaced the entire games SFX, adds Live footsteps, enhanced FMV’s using SYW 30fps as a base.

Attack sounds are also voiced by the voice actors of Echo-S! These attack sounds also cycle through a set so you never hear the same ones consistently for more immersion. This also applies to the footsteps!


A full upscale pack of every texture in the game + 30FPS FMV’s!

Every layer of every field has been AI upscaled, and then hand checked one by one to make sure there are no imperfections!

The AI upscaler that was used was personally trained by Satsuki himself. He had to teach the AI what wood, concrete, sky, anything even was so it knew how to handle it correctly.

This also applies to the world map, magic textures, battle scenes, literally everything!

Avalanche Arisen

Avalanche Arisen is a total retexture by hand of all the battle scenes in game.

UpRisen went through and redrew every battle scene himself with a much higher quality!

It gives the game a new feel entirely while at the same time remaining the same game we all know and love.

Arranged Soundtrack

A faithful recreation of the games soundtrack.

Nothing has changed, no liberties were taken, it’s simply a modern, beautiful version of the exact soundtrack we’re used to.

Finishing Touch

A full collection of menu enhancements including.

3 New prelude credit sequences featuring art from Lap Pun Cheung (with matching Explode.avi’s).

New start menu background featuring art from Lap Pun Cheung.

New game over screen featuring art from Lap Pun Cheung.

Original Tetsuya Nomura portrait-style character avatars.

New ESUI menu border bars (Requires ESUI).


A overhaul of the original menu system that improves its look drastically while also keeping it exactly the same!

4x resolution for UI assets.

Adjustable high res materia and inventory items.

New icons for the battle arena reel.

New UI assets for boxes and battle headers.

Additional rows in inventory screen and command menu’s.

Many alignment improvements over stock game.

Choice between R03 menu overhaul dialog box style and stock dialog.

Full screen rendering for battle UI

999 hour support on game timer display.

Additional Battle Themes optimized to be able to view the barrier bars without hiding the menu.

Additional Minimalist Battle Theme for fans of the old Menu Overhaul project.

Better support for transparent avatars, and further alignment improvements.

Barret mod

Barret mod is… Barret mod. It’s hard to explain…

Modern Spell Names

Replaces spell names like “Ice, Ice 2 and Ice 3” for new names like “Blizard, Blizarra and Blizaga”

Phoenix Tail Avatars

Replaces the character portraits with 3 different remake style ones.


A mod that introduces a very unique challenge to the game by splitting the game into many different sections.

In each section, your inventory will be wiped (everything but exp and limits) and you’ll need to use your knowledge of the game to scavenge everything needed to continue.

You will also be given steal, morph, sense, and enemy skill materia in each section but they will be brand new ones!


Replacing Midgar with the songs from the Remake, as the remake provides us with new songs, this mod will be updated.

Time Keeper

Adds a day/night system and random weather to bring immersion into the game and make it feel more like real life (Also included in Echo-S)

This will be accompanied by an optional difficulty mod in the future that makes use of nocturnal enemies and crank the difficulty during the night.

Cosmos Lighting

A realtime lighting engine built into the FFNx driver.

You can now have live shadows as you run around! Your models will gain a new 3D look as the light helps them stand out so, so much more!

Cetra Project

Replacing all of the 3D models in the game with the ones from the remake.

This adds so much detail to the game and brings it into the PS3 era minimum!

This isn’t for everyone, but those who do like the looks of this will LOVE it.

This mod also will be expanded as the remake comes out and provides us with more models.