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Work With Us


Mod Creators

Anyone wishing to learn how to make mods for the game should join our discord and watch streams by our creators to see how our mod creation is done. We will be there to assist people in creating their own mods.


Looking for programmers with a range of skills in: Windows Desktop Application to help us build UI software that’s easy for users to use, Backend Web Developers to help us build out systems to enable new features, and AWS Technologies experience is very much needed at the moment.


Know how to design? We’re looking for web designers to build a new system. If you can’t do any coded design, artists are always needed to help mod creators.

Voice Actors

We’re working on voicing Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9, and we need voice actors! No experience necessary, just pop into one of our managers’ streams and look for call-outs for voice actors. You can also join us in discord and we will guide you through voice acting your role.